Let us take the worry out of backing up your data?

Whether you want a turnkey solution, based on-site, in the cloud or as a hybrid, or even a fully managed backup as a service, we can help you be confident that you can recover your data when you need to.

After all, backups are not about backups, they are about recovering that data when you need it.

We offer a secure backup solution to build a meaningful data protection strategy that safeguards you from the constantly evolving threats to your data.

Our unique Data Backup & Recovery services will:

  • Scan your files, emails and attachments during each backup to safeguard the purity of your data, including MS365 data, removing dormant ransomware to ensure you can restore safely
  • Prevent backup deletion due to ransomware attack through the use of a variable naming convention
  • Use two-factor authentication for any mass-deletion requests, adding an additional layer of protection

As organisations continue to become increasingly reliant upon technology, what happens if things go wrong? RecoveryCTRL – our fully managed Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution has it covered.

Our managed backup and disaster recovery service sees us provide a fully managed service that constantly monitors and manages your backups for you, including offsite replication for added peace of mind.

With your backup data being your last line of defence, you need to be confident it will always be there when you need it. At 360CTRL our portfolio of solutions are designed to get you back on your feet should disaster strike.

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