Helping you manage your organisation’s cyber incident response – from analysis and containment, to eradication of the threat and recovery of data

If the worst happens and you suspect you have a cyber breach, our Emergency Cyber Incident Response Service can quickly escalate the issue to a team of experts – working alongside any response team you have within your organisation.

This not only ensures a fully independent and appropriately experienced expert is assisting to remove the threat and get you back up and working in the fastest possible time, but also that all appropriate checks and measures are completed to help avoid future risks.

A fully managed service that utilises the latest industry-leading security solutions alongside a proactive Security Operation Centre (SOC) to deliver comprehensive protection against cyber threats.

Following an initial assessment of your business, identify the nature and seriousness of the cyber breach, find out its origin and make sure any potential risks are eliminated

Collaboratively agree on any necessary countermeasures and clean-up processes, assigning responsibilities and actions for comprehensive Cyber Breach Remediation

Provide incident and forensic analysis with both immediate and ongoing remediation recommendations

Be Proactive and Avoid An Attack

Turn your incident response plan into a proactive program that improves incident response times, lowers costs and encourages continuous improvement to strengthen the overall security of your infrastructure.

Following a breach, or better yet before one has occurred, we will work with your IT team, senior management and users to install Cyber Attack Countermeasures that make everyone throughout your business more cyber aware and reduces the risk of any future cyber breaches.

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