Streamline your network design and make us your single point of responsibility for all your LAN, WIFI or WAN needs

At 360CTRL we design, implement and manage network design solutions that not only meet your needs but fit your budget too.

Whether the Local Area Network (LAN) you’re seeking is for 20 devices or 2,000 devices, we work with leading vendors such as Cisco, Meraki, Dell and HP to create resilient and reliable solutions.

You wouldn’t leave the front door to the office wide open, so why leave your Wi-Fi exposed?

Having a solid and well-performing wireless network is critical in the world of modern business, but all too often organisations overlook Wi-Fi security implications. Security is at the heart of all our wireless solutions.

We have a range of Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions through our leading Tier 1 partners, including Cisco and Meraki, whether you are looking to connect multiple sites together or you’re simply after internet access.

If it’s connectivity between multiple offices you’re after, we can provide MPLS or dedicated point-to-point circuits. If you already have your point-to-point connectivity then fear not – these can all be connected via VPN or the new breed of Software Defined Networks (SD WAN).

We will partner with leading wholesalers for internet and WAN connectivity to provide flexible and, if required, fully managed MPLS networks, or we can implement managed SD WAN by creating fully meshed networks using existing circuits from various providers.

In addition, we also provide full management of all firewalls.

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